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Improving Attitudes at Work

There are millions of businesses in existence, from mom-and-pop shops, to international corporations; and each has its own difficulties.  Nevertheless, the one, common problem that has long plagued them all is how to combat low employee morale. Indeed, even with all...

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The Great Freight Debate

Shipping is an expense that businesses, large and small, have always looked for ways of reducing.  However, as the price of fuel continues to escalate, taking such money-saving measures is more important than ever. This often sparks the long-standing debate about...

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Outstanding in Their Brownfields

Real estate terms can sometimes be confusing; but they often get even more complicated when they’re used to classify expansive properties with multiple purposes. Brownfield is a good example of such a word.  While, certainly, its meaning is relatively simple, its...

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Foreign-Trade Zones Good for American Businesses

When scouting locations for their companies, business owners hear a lot of terms being used as selling points.  While many are familiar, some can be confusing, especially when even those using the phrases can’t adequately explain them. For example, high on the list of...

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The management team at the Ambridge Regional Center (ARC) went out of their way in our time of need to not only customize a space for us but to make us feel at home.  I expected the relocation from Central Ohio to Pittsburgh to be difficult, but thanks in large part to the management team here at the ARC the transition was seamless.  Whether it is helping us navigate around Western, PA or by providing us with key contacts in the community to help us get our business off the ground, they are here when we need them.  They have a unique way of removing the landlord/tenant feel and incorporating the family/team feel.

Ryan Harmon

General Manager, Towlift Inc.