Our space is very nice, and the entire complex is extremely well-organized and maintained, which makes a good impression on our customers when they come for pick-ups. Management is also very attentive to our needs at all times.

Hiram Ball

Owner, Ball Consulting, Ltd.

Locating our offices at Ambridge Regional gave WSP more than floor space–it gave us a partner to manage our growth.

Carl Ulrich

WSP Chemicals & Technology

Relocating from Ohio in 1999, I couldn’t find a place to set up my shop, so I called Ambridge Regional, looking for storage facilities.  Hearing my plight, Gene Pash, knowing I was still looking for an ideal location, arranged for me to temporarily share space with another tenant.  By the next year, I had my own shop, right here – in my ideal location!  Gene and Debi are always available, and will do whatever they can to assist with my needs and concerns.  They also help to make connections, and keep an eye out for business opportunities, for all of their tenants, even occasionally holding free business seminars.  The community atmosphere at the Regional Center is really helpful, and something that I never had before.

Jymm Hoffman

Hoffman's Forge

Throughout our three years of growth, Ambridge Regional has consistently met our needs, no matter how large or small.

Anthony Mittica

R&A Transportation

Knowledgeable, attentive and responsive is how I describe the management team at Ambridge Regional.

Robert Carter

USNR Coal Sales

Value Ambridge Properties has been one of our partners for more than a decade.  We are deeply grateful to Gene Pash, Debi Leopardi, and the entire staff, for their exceptional generosity toward the Pittsburgh Opera, and for the first-class customer service that they provide.  Working with them is a great pleasure!

John Federico

Director of Development, Pittsburgh Opera

The location and rates are great; but the service we get from the staff is above-and-beyond. Whatever I need, no matter how big or small, they go out of their way to help. I don’t think you could find another place where the management is more interested in seeing – and helping – you succeed. I’d recommend this place over any other, especially to small businesses starting out

Rob Davison

General Manager, Busy Beaver Builders

We have had our business in the Ambridge Regional Center for eighteen years, and it has always been a pleasure.  The convenient location is easy for our customers to find, and has ample parking for them as well.  We also love having on-site management, which ensures that any issues that arise with our space are tended to promptly, and with care

Yvonne Pickens

Manager, Country Fabrications

We have been at the Ambridge Regional site for more than 13 years, and it is a great location for us.  The rent is very reasonable for our large space, and its proximity to I-79, and other major highways, makes it convenient to the areas that we service.  The exceptional management and staff are always very sensitive to any issues or concerns that we present to them, and they respond immediately to address any problems that may arise.

Rick Smallwood

Facility Manager, Sherwin Williams Product Finishes

Ambridge Regional Center
2301 Duss Avenue, Suite 1
Ambridge, PA 15003

Phone: (724) 266-4661

Toll Free: (800) 371-5606

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Email: info@ambridgeregional.com

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The management team at the Ambridge Regional Center (ARC) went out of their way in our time of need to not only customize a space for us but to make us feel at home.  I expected the relocation from Central Ohio to Pittsburgh to be difficult, but thanks in large part to the management team here at the ARC the transition was seamless.  Whether it is helping us navigate around Western, PA or by providing us with key contacts in the community to help us get our business off the ground, they are here when we need them.  They have a unique way of removing the landlord/tenant feel and incorporating the family/team feel.

Ryan Harmon

General Manager, Towlift Inc.