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May 1 2018 Forklift Training

Towlift, Inc. is conducting a #Forklift Training class at the Ambridge Regional Distribution & Manufacturing Center on May 1st. Cost if $150.00 per person, payable to Towlift. Starts at 7:30AM and runs approximately 4.5 hours. This course is for experienced operators....

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The Ambridge Regional Center is Hiring!

Our established Beaver County company is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our maintenance team. ‪This position is responsible for general maintenance duties as well as preventive and routine building & equipment maintenance and repairs including (but not...

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Don’t Be Hard-Headed About Hard Hats

It’s amazing how the simplest precautions can sometimes offer the best defenses; but it’s even more incredible that, in many cases, they’re also the most overlooked – or downright ignored. Strapping oneself into a car seat, for example, takes just a quick click of a...

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The management team at the Ambridge Regional Center (ARC) went out of their way in our time of need to not only customize a space for us but to make us feel at home.  I expected the relocation from Central Ohio to Pittsburgh to be difficult, but thanks in large part to the management team here at the ARC the transition was seamless.  Whether it is helping us navigate around Western, PA or by providing us with key contacts in the community to help us get our business off the ground, they are here when we need them.  They have a unique way of removing the landlord/tenant feel and incorporating the family/team feel.

Ryan Harmon

General Manager, Towlift Inc.