Site History

The neighborhood in which the Ambridge Regional Distribution Center is located was at one point in time owned by the Harmony Society. Economy Village, the third and final home of the Harmony Society, established in 1824, is located within the current boundaries of Ambridge.


Historical Ambridge

Logstown was the site of an ancient Indian village of great importance in early colonial affairs. It was the Indian metropolis of a large region. In August 1749, Logstown had fifty cabins, which were inhabited by Mohawks, Senecas, Oneidas and Delawares. Legionville came to prominence during the winter of 1792-1793 when General Anthony Wayne trained “the Legion of the United States”. This was probably the first training under the new Federal government. At Legionville he raised the first flag of the United States of America.

General-Anthony-Wayne G. Anthony Wayne

The Harmony Society

Harmony Township was formed in 1851 from Economy Township. All of Harmony Township was at one time owned by the Harmony Society from which it derived its name. The Harmonites came to “the promised land” from Germany seeking religious freedom. On a 3,000 acre tract of land, the Society established a large manufacturing center. For a time, this was the leading industial community in the West. The Society with its communal lifestyle, was dissolved in 1905.

The history of the neighborhood is very closely woven with those of Old Economy and other surrounding areas. Land owned by the Harmony Society originally included Logstown (near Beaver) and Legionville (located within the present defined neighborhood).

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Naming Ambridge

Ambridge became a borough in its own right in 1902-1903, when the Harmony Society sold more than 2,500 acres as a site for a bridge building plant and town. It was shortly thereafter named Ambridge, taking its name from the American Bridge Company, the first large industry. In May, 1905, the Borough of Ambridge was incorporated, formed from the communities of Economy and Ambridge. Economy Borough borders the neighborhood on the east and northeast and Baden Borough borders on the north.

Harmony Township

Harmony Township is basically divided into two sections – the industrial/commercial area is adjacent to the river and the residential area is on the slopes above. Harmony Township’s fastest growth occurred as land for development in Ambridge became scarce. As a result, much of the land use is similar, though not as densely developed as Ambridge.

Unlike Ambridge, however, Harmony Township still has several areas which could be considered desirable for a variety of uses. The western portion of Harmony Township, consisting of broad plains overlooking the Ohio River, is suitable for industrial development. The largest existing industrial development is the old Armco Steel mill. Which Ambridge developed as a residential community, surrounding the industrial area located in the northwest portion of the borough, where portions of the old American Bridge factory were located. Surrounding the industrial sites is dense single and multi-family housing that provided the living quarters for the steel workers. The close proximity to the industrial area allowed the workers to walk to work.

Our Industrial Park

Today, the Ambridge Regional Distribution and Manufacturing Center consists of approximately 22 buildings, many of which are interconnected. The buildings contain a total of approximately 1,000,077 square feet, which is currently divided into various tenant spaces. The Standard Seamless Tube Company originally developed the site in 1913. Additional owners included Spange-Chalfant and Company (1928), National Supply Company (1930), Armco (1958), Herfein Realty (1987) and Ambridge Regional Distribution and Manufacturing Center (1988), all of whom have constructed and demolished buildings and facilities at the site.

The buildings were constructed between 1913 and 1991. The complex was originally built as a pipe fabrication plant by the Spang Corporation. The buildings and business were then acquired by Armco Pipe Company, which was then converted to a multi-tenant facility. Ambridge Regional Distribution and Manufacturing Center and its general partner acquired the property in 1988 and have undertaken significant renovations to both the existing facilities as well as the infrastructure. The property was acquired with the objective of substantially increasing the value of the Ambridge Regional Center through a major physical renovation and conversion to a multiple tenant warehouse and industrial park.

Ambridge Regional Exterior


The Ambridge Regional Center is uniquely positioned and well-located in the Pittsburgh market to attract space users typically requiring large amounts of space (20,000 square feet or more). The Ambridge Regional Center is located off Route 65, less than 8 miles from Interstate 79, less than 8 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport and 16 miles from downtown Pittsburgh in one of the most desirable growth sectors of the Metropolitan Area. The facility occupies approximately 85 acres of level land and offers leasable space in existing structures with plans in place to construct 247,000 square feet of additional buildings on a pre-lease basis.

Ambridge Regional Center
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We have found the Ambridge Regional Center to be a great location to build our R&D and chemical production business. The site has an excellent operational team and is able to meet a wide variety of industrial needs.

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