There are millions of businesses in existence, from mom-and-pop shops, to international corporations; and each has its own difficulties.  Nevertheless, the one, common problem that has long plagued them all is how to combat low employee morale.

Indeed, even with all of the technologies designed to make life easier, and operations smoother, the trouble remains.  In fact, it seems to be getting worse; but that’s actually understandable.  After all, in this perpetually-plugged-in world, many employees find it impossible to escape their bosses, even when they’re at home – or on vacation.  This can easily make them feel over-worked and under-valued.

There are countless other factors, including monotony, too much (or too little) responsibility, low wages, and poor working conditions, that can also make employees discontented, a.k.a. unproductive.  So, how can you fight this?  Well, although technology seems to be the solution to everything nowadays, in this case, it appears to be part of the problem.

That’s good news, though, because that means that you can solve this issue simply with some good, old-fashioned niceties.  Truly, just letting employees know that you appreciate them can make a big difference; and it’s very easy to do.

For starters, never underestimate the power of caffeine.  Having freshly-brewed coffee and tea ready in the morning will help workers to wake up and get focused.  Once in awhile, supply donuts, bagels, fresh fruit, etc. as well.  Likewise, treat them to lunch occasionally, by ordering pizza or sandwiches, or even taking them out to a restaurant, where they can socialize, without worrying about paying a bill.

Remembering their birthdays, and acknowledging other important events in their lives, such as when they have a child, or participate in a marathon, will buoy their spirits, too.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money; but try to make the occasion a bit special.  People always enjoy it when you recognize their personal milestones.

Of course, you won’t be aware of any of these things unless you get to know your employees, which is also crucial to building morale.  You don’t have to socialize with them; but make time for casual conversation about subjects other than work.  Ask about the pictures on their desks to find out about their families, hobbies, and other outside activities.  Once again, just expressing an interest in their lives will let them know that you care about and respect them.

That’s good, too, because you must treat employees with respect.  While, certainly, that should be automatic, it doesn’t come naturally to some bosses.  Unfortunately, some lose their tempers and swear at, berate, chastise, and insult staff members, sometimes in front of co-workers, or even customers.  So, always afford employees the same consideration you’d expect from them.

Show interest in what they’re working on as well, by asking about their projects; and praise them for innovative ideas or solutions.  Consider implementing an Employee-of-the-Month program, to recognize outstanding achievers.  If possible, offer performance bonuses, or other incentives, to encourage more productivity, and show that you value their contributions.

At least, find some way to reward employees who accomplish something particularly impressive.  Buy them lunch, or give them gift certificates, or even cards with hand-written notes of thanks.  It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. Just making employees realize that they’re held in high regard will go a long way toward improving their moods and attitudes.














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