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Want to work for a company as unique as you are? Looking for a career INSTEAD of a job? Are you self-motivated? A team player?  Give us a call at 724-266-4661 to discuss our opening for Maintenance Tech and/or Warehouse Worker. We offer a competitive pay, excellent benefits (medical, dental,...

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Ambridge Regional Vol. 1

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Ambridge Regional Center
2301 Duss Avenue, Suite 1
Ambridge, PA 15003

Phone: (724) 266-4661

Toll Free: (800) 371-5606

Fax: (724) 266-7311

Email: office@ambridgeregional.com

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We have found the Ambridge Regional Center to be a great location to build our R&D and chemical production business. The site has an excellent operational team and is able to meet a wide variety of industrial needs.

Brett Bosley

Owner, Boron Specialties LLC